Working for Zara in London

Zara is a Spanish clothing company that is part of the larger Inditex group. Many people do not realise that Zara is actually one of the largest clothing companies in the world, with stores in 73 different countries. There are 65 Zara stores in the United Kingdom alone, 13 of which are based in London. Zara runs a London office also, which is located in Westminster.

The careers website for those who wish to apply for positions with Zara is actually run by Inditex. It can be accessed at joinfashioninditex.com. There are four branches to Inditex's operation - Product, Logistics, Offices and Stores. Unlike many clothing retailers, all Zara designs are manufactured by the company itself, which explains the need for Product and Logistics departments. The careers website features video introductions to each of these divisions.

In the UK, positions may become available in the Logistics and Offices departments, but are primarily offered in the Stores category. Stores positions can be offered at management and sales level. Sales people are required to process deliveries, provide excellent customer service, maintain the shop floor and work in the fittings rooms. Experience is not essential for these positions, but it is always an advantage to an application.

Those who wish to work for Zara in London must have a good level of spoken English, and of course be eligible to work in the country. Full or part time work may be available, depending on the store in question. London hosts its own Zara Recruitment and Training centre, which is located at 120 Regent Street, London W1B 5FE.

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