How to get a job using YouTube in the UK

Today online job seeking doesn’t have to mean uploading your CV to an employment website and registering with an agency through the net. There are social networking sites like LinkedIn, where you can create an online profile that represents you and your achievements in a more dynamic manner than a word document ever could. This sort of site could lead to business opportunities or job openings but it won’t allow you to showcase skills like singing, acting or any of the other creative arts.


Using online media to gain attention is not a new thing. One of the most prominent performers who used YouTube to get noticed is Justin Bieber. The teen idol was signed by his current manager in 2008, after homemade videos of him singing became popular on the video sharing site.

Digital Interviews

You don’t have to be working within the performing arts to use YouTube to get noticed. Many teachers looking to promote themselves as after school tutors use the site.


Aside from promoting yourself, YouTube also offers the opportunity to test yourself. There is a dedicated page where you can enter contests. Short film contests, dance competitions, like Dr Pepper Cherry YouTube Dance Studio, or unsigned bands music video contests can be found.

Final Word

However you use YouTube to promote yourself in the UK, you should make sure that your videos are properly tagged to maximise SEO. It’s also important to only upload high quality videos. They are easier to watch and can be necessary if your aim is to explain how to do something.

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