Can't find the youth jobs in Liverpool that you want?

If you're searching for work in the Liverpool area but are having no luck because you're under 18, there are a number of things that we can advise you to do in order to give you the best chance possible of getting yourself a part time job. While there aren't all that many youth jobs in Liverpool, those of you who are careful with your search should be able to find something.

The majority of positions available for young people in the Liverpool area tend to come in the retail sector. While it's unlikely that big name stores like HMV, WH Smith or Marks and Spencer will hire you, particularly if you're 16 or under, you can always find work at your local independent shops.

Corner shops in particular are a great source of part time work for today's youths. While they're not the most glamorous of places, and will pay around £5.93 per hour, if you're lucky (remember, the minimum wage rules don't apply to those under 18 in the United Kingdom), they represent a fantastic opportunity for you to build up work experience in the retail sector - which can stand to you in your future when applying for other jobs, or college courses.

Other options include taking a look at your local service station. Many garages employ young people as petrol pump attendants. This is a very enjoyable position, since you'll get to chat to plenty of interesting people, while being out and about getting lots of fresh air. Again though, £5.93 per hour would be doing well - although you will have the chance of making tips should you be particularly helpful.


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