Where to find employment in York, North Yorkshire jobs

Sources of employment in the city of York, North Yorkshire and jobs are plentiful. The city is a large tourist destination and shopping centre which hosts a large minister, museums and retail outlets which will provide an endless source of vacancies.

York City Council provide a plethora of job vacancies which enable the effective delivery of council services. Jobs which can be sought from the council include; administrators, early years and teaching staff, care workers, receptionists, cleaners, youth workers and many more. Their jobs website is updated regularly and new vacancies added. Applications for these jobs are made through the council website by registering with their online application system.

If you are looking for a job in York in the catering and hospitality trade, there is an excellent website, York hospitality which provides all of the latest hospitality and catering jobs within the city centre. Not only does this jobs website provide current vacancies in hospitality, it also provides vacancies within administration, IT, business support, management and maintenance.

The local newspaper ‘The Press’ also has an informative website providing current vacancies within the York area. Within the city centre, there is also a large university which provides many opportunities for employment including teaching roles, student support, advisors, marketing and administrative support staff.

The York University website has its own careers section where vacancies can be searched and applied for.

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