How to become a yoga teacher or instructor

The popularity of yoga has continued to grow over the years all around the world thanks to the many health and fitness benefits of the discipline. Yoga centres and gyms, in particular, are enjoying booming business as demand for yoga classes continues to rise. If you are a yoga expert or enthusiast, you have a wonderful opportunity to start a rewarding career as a yoga teacher or instructor.

Teaching yoga

Traditionally, yoga was handed down from guru (teacher) to student once the guru thought the student had achieved enough knowledgeable and maturity in the ways of the discipline. In this case, the student could be handed teacher status and given the mandate to pass down the knowledge to the next generation. There was no official qualification to become a yoga teacher.

However, as yoga rocketed in popularity and yoga centres sprung up everywhere, there was need to govern the yoga teaching standards. Different governing bodies were formed to regulate teaching of yoga. It is now generally accepted that you need three things to become a yoga teacher: teaching certificate, insurance and accredited status from a recognised yoga association.

The route to becoming a yoga instructor

If you want to become a yoga instructor, get the following essentials:

1. Get teaching certificate

Enroll in an accredited yoga teacher training course to geta yog a certificate. There are literary thousands of training courses out there, but the standard training program for yoga instructors is a 200-hour “contact” program. Make sure you enroll in an accredited institution to get the standard baseline training for yoga instructors in a hands-on learning environment.

2. Get personal liability insurance

After you complete your yoga teacher training, get personal liability insurance. Contact an insurance company of your choice and show them your yoga teacher certificate. Request to get individual liability insurance cover. Your own individual liability insurance cover will protected you from any accident claims that may be brought against you in the course of your work.

3. Get accredited by a yoga teacher association

Finally, get accredited status with yoga teacher associations. Some of the yoga teacher associations you can get accredited status with in the UK are: the Yoga Alliance UK, the Yoga Alliance (International), the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) and the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). Each of these associations differs slightly on course content, but all represent good institutions with excellent training and a high number of contact hours.

Once you have a yoga teacher certificate, liability insurance and accredited status, all that is left is for you to decide whether you want to seek employment as a yoga teacher of pursue your career as a self-employed person.

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