How to work as an online writing tutor

The first step in becoming an online writing tutor is to have the right experience and qualifications. When push comes to shove people are not going to pay money to be tutored by somebody who does not have a writing based degree or relevant writing work experience. This can be done by studying at a university such as the University of Nottingham or by taking an online class.

Once a job seeker feels confident in their knowledge of the writing craft they can start looking for work. There are a few different ways that tutors can search for clients.

Many tutors find work by signing up to a website that matches students up with tutors. Tutors use these websites by creating a profile that states their experience and educational background. Students will then browse the available profiles and contact a tutor that meets their needs. This is where having a educational or work background in English or writing will come in handy. A couple of different websites that tutors can try include Uktutors.com and Hometutors.co.uk.

Tutors will find that the above methods of finding work will not be enough to create a regular income stream. Those who want to be successful in their tutoring business will need to aggressively market their skills to potential clients. This will mean placing advertisements on websites such as Craigslist.com and approaching study groups at universities. It will also be worthwhile for tutors to set up a website that describes their services and qualifications. Those who do not have much web design knowledge can set up a website cheaply and easily on Hostgator.com.

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