Writing cover letters for teaching jobs

Teaching jobs are demanding and certainly require commitment, but are also extremely rewarding. Here we answer typical questions about cover letters - an essential part of a job application.

What is a covering letter?

There is a lot of competition for teaching jobs so it’s important that your career-marketing package stands out. While a cover letter can often be seen as a letter you might enclose with your CV as an afterthought – it is actually an integral part.

What is its purpose?

Your cover letter is a crucial document that will accompany your resume. Its main purpose it to introduce you, and provide an incentive for continuing to read your teaching CV. If your cover letter is strong enough, it should compel your potential employer to call you in for interview before they’ve even progressed to the CV.


The cover letter should never be a simple template that you print off each time you apply for a teaching post. No employer will look twice at a candidate who has sent an obvious copy. Tailor the letter to the particular teaching post you are applying for.


It’s always worthwhile researching the educational institute you are interested in (check websites/phone information desks). Being able to contribute skills to a particular area is a real bonus.


It is always important to create the correct tone. You must appear professional and enthusiastic. And it goes without saying, especially for a teaching post, that your grammar and spelling must be checked and re-checked before you seal that envelope!


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