Writing a CV for graduate jobs

The strongest career tool at your disposal is a good CV. If you’re looking for graduate jobs, create a CV with these sections...

Your name and contact details

There’s no need to write ‘CV’ at the top – it’s a waste of space. Put your name, in large font, as the title. Include your address, email address and phone numbers. Make it as easy as possible for the employer to reach you.

The Objective

The objective is entirely optional, and the decision to include it or not should depend on your particular circumstances. If you’ve graduated in a general discipline, like Philosophy or Biology, an objective can add focus to your CV. If you’ve studied a vocational course and have work experience in that area, an objective really isn’t necessary as the employer can see your field of expertise.

However, if you’re applying for work in a different field, an objective can help tie in your experience with the new position.


As a graduate, it’s likely that you don’t have extensive work experience yet – so put your education first. Depending on the position you’re applying for, it could be worthwhile to expand on the modules you covered in your degree. You don’t need to list them all; just put ‘Modules included...’ and mention a couple of the most relevant topics.


Keep this section for relevant experience. For example, work placements, internships and volunteer work. Lay it out as you would a paid job, including job title, dates and duties. You don’t need to specify that it wasn’t paid work.

Other Experience

In this section, put down any other work that you might have done. For example part time jobs, summer jobs and casual work. Keep it brief – one bullet point stating the job title, company and dates is sufficient. Then create a sub heading called ‘Transferable Skills’ and list any that you may have gained in these roles (team working skills, money handling, customer service etc.).


This section is optional. If you include it, keep it brief and relevant to the job.


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