Writing a cover letter for bar jobs

Personality means a lot in bar jobs. And that's why a good cover letter is crucial. Here are some tips for writing yours...

Although bar jobs are often casual, keep then tone of your cover letter formal. Address the letter to a person's title and surname, rather than first name. When writing an email cover letter, it's fine to say Hello Mr/Mrs xxxxx, but if printing out the letter, stick with Dear Mr/Mrs xxxxx.

Remember that the layout of your cover letter is important. Bars are busy places to work and the manager doesn't have time to read through big blocks of text. Use short paragraphs and write it as you would speak it.

If you have bar work experience, summarise it into a paragraph, concentrating on the skills you learned that would benefit this bar. For example: 'During my three years in the wine bar, I gained extensive knowledge about wine matching' or 'As a barman in a busy cocktail bar, I can quickly prepare a wide range of cocktails without compromising on presentation.'

Focus on the attributes that are important to a manager. They don't want to know the individual drink recipes - they're concerned about skilled and knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service, accurate money handling and minimal spillage.

Whether you have ten years experience or none at all, make it clear that you love working as part of a team and interacting with the public.

Finally, remember to triple check your cover letter for errors or typos. Sloppy presentation won't impress anyone!


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