Writing a cover letter for a customer service call centre job

Customer service jobs vary in scope and responsibility. However, all require the same basic skillset. You can demonstrate these skills in your cover letter. Here are some useful tips to help you write a strong cover letter for a customer service call centre job.

  • Communication is vital. Customer service call centre agents must be able to communicate clearly and professionally with their customers. This is a skill that you can easily demonstrate on your cover letter. Keep the letter organised, to the point and professional. Avoid using jargon and being verbose.
  • Your passion for customers must shine through. Explain why you want to work in customer service and what would make you successful in this role. Briefly state an example of a time in your career history when you exceeded a customer's expectations.
  • Don't repeat the information that appears on your CV, but do summarise it subtly. For example 'In my six years of customer service experience...' and 'While working as a senior customer service agent...' The aim is to draw attention to your most impressive skills or experience.
  • If you have had jobs in other industries, such as hospitality, link the skills you acquired to the skills wanted by the employer.
  • Integrate the key words and phrases that appear in the job ad and make sure you cover all the essential and desired criteria.
  • You should also demonstrate knowledge of, and passion for, the products or services that the company sells.
  • Keep it brief - customer service employers typically don't read more than a page long cover letter.


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