Write a cover letter for hotel jobs!

Hotel jobs represent a consistent source of employment. Here we answer frequently asked questions in order to help you write a cover letter for hotel jobs.

What is a cover letter?

Your cover letter is a way of introducing yourself to your potential employer. The cover letter will state why you are keen to work for this hotel, and why you would be ideal for the position. Essentially, it’s a quick overview of why you should be considered for the job.The cover letter will also give an example of your writing competence (as this may be an integral part of your role).

What will be the effect?

A well-written letter should catch the attention of your prospective employer. It will make them far likelier to call you to interview.

Should a letter be included in my application?

Many hotel managers will not look at a CV that doesn’t come with a cover letter. Any post can attract up to hundreds of applications: relying on a cover letter is a way of sifting through the pile.

Even if an advert says that no letter is necessary, there is not harm in attaching one anyway just to be safe.

What should be included?

Explain why you are writing and the position being applied for, and where you saw the advert.

Other pointers

Keep the information clear and concise, and to the point. Be positive and enthusiastic. Don’t just use the same cover letter as a template, change it depending on each vacancy.


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