Worst jobs for your health

All workers have to deal with health and safety questionnaires which appear to be a waste of time or health and safety officers whose job appears to be worthless but the reality is that if you find the constant round of H&S paperwork worthless, your firm is doing something right. That’s not the case with the worst jobs for your health.


This one’s pretty obvious because you’re putting your life on the line every time you go out to put out a fire. Injuries, illness and job-related deaths are part and parcel of this occupation.

Police Officer

As with firefighters, Police officers have a difficult job staying out of danger’s way. Aside from the obvious dangers of facing violence in their everyday lives, Police Officers also have to cope with long hours, sleep deprivation and poor eating habits that arise from shift work. All of these things threaten their quality of life as much as criminals do.

Office workers

There’s nothing dangerous about the next job on our list but working in an office is bad for your health. If you’re not having to combat sick office syndrome which is the buzz term for viruses and infections pushed around the office thanks to the ever present air conditioning system, you’re dealing with the sorts of issues frequent flyers face from spending too long on their backside. Back pain, repetitive stress injuries and obesity are health issues clerical workers often complain about.

Manual labourers

This job is one which basically uses the body’s resources up. You’re basically exchanging your health and strength for money. Sometimes workers face hazardous situations, others handle constant injuries and can develop long term issues like chronic back pain.


This is a job that can lead to a great deal of stress. Lawyers bill by hour so long hours are the norm. Long days at the office can lead to stress and depression as well as the other health issues other office workers face.

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