Are you searching for worldwide recruitment?

Whether you're a jobseeker looking to work abroad, or an employer looking to find workers for an international project, then this is one of the first sites you should visit. Worldwide Recruitment provides both skilled and unskilled workers for a variety of projects. The site to visit is: wwrecruitment.co.uk. The company is GLA licensed and you're able to view the certificate online, so you can be sure that this is a legitimate and professional company.

There is a handy 'contact us' section, and a form you can fill out if you'd like to request more information on employment or staffing solutions. The company is based in Kent, so if you're in the area you could drop by to discuss your needs. The address is World Wide Recruitment Ltd, Willow Down, Wingate Hill, Harbledown, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9AJ. There's also an email address you can use if you'd like to request more information: info@wwrecruitment.co.uk. The telephone number is 01227 769697, and this is a handy option if you'd like to speak to someone in person without actually visiting the business premises.

The site provides very little information on requirements for jobseekers, but also claims to provide job opportunities for unskilled workers so it may be worth it to send in an updated CV even if you're interested in manual labour or unskilled positions. The site caters for IT projects, general management projects, construction projects, production projects and skilled staff projects, so experience in any of those fields could be an advantage.

If you're an employer looking for staffing solutions you may want to check out the customer testimonials section. Clients have all been very impressed with the hands-on approach, so have a look for yourself and see what Worldwide Recruitment UK could offer you.

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