Top opportunities for working with children abroad

Working with children abroad can be incredibly rewarding experience. In many cases, no experience is required, although you may require security, reference and police checks. Find out about the range of opportunities available...

  • Orphanage jobs: there are lots of volunteer (but very few paid opportunities) positions in orphanages world wide. Some of the most popular options for Britons abroad are Cambodia, India, Romania and Peru. Most placements last for at least one month, in order to offer a bit of stability for the children. Daily tasks could include feeding and bathing the children, devising and carrying out creative activities, and helping with administrative duties and the day to day running of the orphanage (just as cleaning, making beds and doing laundry).
  • Teaching jobs: teaching English is one of the most popular jobs for British people working abroad. Depending on the country that you work in, you could earn a very decent salary. Jobs in Europe usually require a recognised teaching qualifications and a CELTA or TESOL qualification. Jobs in Asia usually just require a TEFL certificate and a third level qualification in any subject. Many schools organise your accommodation and may even pay for your flights and other travel expenses.
  • Mentoring jobs: if you want to help disadvantaged and troubled children, a job as a mentor could be for you. These schemes are popular across North and South America. Candidates are usually required to have appropriate working visas plus some experience in counselling or social care. A relevant qualification would also be beneficial.

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