Working online UK: personal attributes required

Do you wish you could quit your job and start working online in the UK? As good as they may sound in theory, work from home jobs aren't for everyone. You have to have the right personal attributes in order to succeed in this working environment. Here are some of the most important skills and qualities...

Hard working: If you're not naturally a hard worker, perhaps you should reconsider work from home jobs. When you're working online from home, there's no one to check up on your progress, no one to keep track of your breaks and no one to stop you spending half the day watching day time TV... bottom line, you need to be willing to work.

Self motivated: If you're an extrovert, you draw your energy and motivation from being around other people. You might find it hard to adapt to being on your own for extended periods of time. Anyone who works from home requires substantial self-motivation in order to get the job done successfully.

Organised: When you work from home, you manage your own schedule. You need to be organised in order to successfully plan how you'll work through your tasks and achieve results. Schedules, goals and logs can really help with this.

Dedicated: You must be dedicated enough to overcome all the distractions that come with being online in your own home (noisy kids, Facebook, TV, phone calls...)

Computer literate: If something goes wrong with your computer or your internet, there will be no one else around to fix it. A basic understanding of the technology involved can be very useful.

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