Working from home? What does that mean?

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Working from home has become the big trend as companies reduce desk-count and travel costs. Technological advances have meant that remote working has become easier: using the Internet and mobile phones all combine to make a home office just as accessible as one in an office block.

There is a downside of course; isn’t there always? With no formal structure to your day you will need to be very organised and strict with yourself. Suddenly laundry, dog walking and even baking cakes assume massive importance and before you know it 6pm has rolled around and nothing resembling paid work has been accomplished.

It’s important therefore to treat working at home in the same way as going out to work. Set yourself a routine and stick to it. Having a separate room as an office also works well – being able to go there and get into work mode, then shut the door on it at the end of the day helps to stop work overlapping into home life.

To find out more, visit the homeworking or remoteemployment websites.

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