Working from home putting letters in envelopes: best avoided

Back in the 1950s, working from home putting letters in envelopes was a genuine job opportunity. It was especially popular with housewives, who could supplement the household income or earn their own independent income from home.

Things have changed a lot since the 50s. Unfortunately, the vast majority of jobs putting letters in envelopes turn out to be scams.

Today there are cheap and efficient machines that can do this work for minimal costs. Packing up envelopes and letters, delivering them to your home and paying you to stuff the envelopes just doesn't make financial sense. Printers and packing machines could reduce the associated costs by over 95%.

So why would any company hire someone to put letters in envelopes? The answer is that they rarely do. Very occasionally you might find a small company who want to do a one-off mail shot - but even then they can order pre-packed envelopes online for just a few pence each.

So beware - when you think that you're signing up for some work at home vacancy, you could be actually getting yourself into a pyramid scheme. These schemes work by requesting a sign up fee, which is split between the person who recruiting you and the person that recruited them.

There are no envelopes to be packed or legitimate work to be done - instead you are asked to recruit more members into the scheme. In return you'll be able to keep a proportion of their sign up fees. Never comply - 90% of people who get involved in pyramid schemes lose their money.

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