Working from home jobs in London

You don't need us to tell you how tough things are for job seekers at the minute. With high unemployment and most companies looking at ways to tighten their belts, vacancies are at a premium - and you'll face more competition than ever. Working from home jobs in London could be your solution.

One of the best things about jobs working from home is that you can be based anywhere in the world - so you don't have to limit your job search to London, or even the UK. You can search and apply for vacancies from right across the globe, giving you access to a much larger number of vacancies (including in countries where the economy remains strong, like Australia) and increasing your chances of finding something that suits your skills and abilities.

However, many working from home jobs aren't advertised as telecommuting positions. When you read a job ad, you might see something along the lines of: "Telecommuters will be considered for this position". This is where living in London can be a huge advantage. These type of jobs often require you to attend face to face meetings, or call into the office every week or so to coordinate projects with your colleagues. Employers like to know that you are close by if anything urgent comes up or circumstances change.

So working from home jobs in London can really offer the best of both worlds - you'll find a whole range of vacancies from right across the world, but you'll also find some London-specific jobs that won't be advertised to other telecommuters.

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