Working from home jobs stuffing envelopes

Working from home jobs stuffing envelopes may seem like excellent opportunities to earn money from home, without the need to possess professional skills and experience. However, it is precisely because these work from home jobs stuffing envelopes appeal to so many people that they are often used as scams.

How do these scams work?

In most cases, envelope stuffing scams are actually well disguised pyramid schemes. They work as follows:

  • A scammer places an ad or gets in touch with you to tell you about a work from home opportunity stuffing envelopes.
  • They may ask you to apply for the position or even attend a phone or real world interview - this is to help convince you that the opportunity is genuine.
  • You will be offered the job and asked to pay a fee. This may be described as a sign up fee, membership fee, training fee or similar. The amount varies but is typically somewhere between £30 and £150.
  • Once you pay this fee, you will receive instructions on how to perform the "job". However, this is not the envelope stuffing job that you will be expecting. Instead, you will receive instructions to recruit more members to the scheme and collect their payment fees.
  • You will be offered a portion of these fees and will pass the rest back up the pyramid.

What's the harm?

It's illogical that pyramid schemes will work: the figures simply don't add up. The vast majority of people who get involved in pyramid schemes lose their money.

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