Recommended working from home job vacancies

Not all working from home job vacancies were created equal. Some involve menial tasks for minimal pay. Some involve long hours with little rewards. And some aren't actually job vacancies at all, instead being cleverly re-packaged pyramid schemes.

So amid all these vacancies, how do you find decent working from home vacancies that will allow you to use your skills, work decent hours and reward you with a fair rate of pay?

We recommend that you check out internet consultancy firms. These firms are growing more and more popular as companies take to the digital marketplace in increasing numbers.

Internet consultancy firms have a number of roles, including:

  • offer advice for search engine optimisation
  • evaluate websites and suggest ways to improve them
  • oversee website re-designs
  • manage internet and email advertising campaigns
  • design graphics and website layouts
  • write copy specifically targeted at a digital audience
  • produce the codes that are required to build a website

As you might expect, these roles are performed by a team of people with different skill sets and areas of expertise. Whether you're an IT expert or a creative, there are real opportunities working from home with consultancy firms.

There are even vacancies for people without any prior experience. Market research is an essential activity for major commercial companies, and lay consultants are hired to give their opinions on the companies' websites: the navigations, designs, and user-friendliness. If you think that you could give valuable feedback, check out some of the Evaluator jobs with internet consultancy firms.

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