Working from home jobs for mums

Are you worried about juggling a job with childcare and spending leisure time with your family? Working from home jobs for mums could be the perfect career move for you. They allow you to work flexible hours, so you can fit your career around your family life, and not the other way around.

Here at Excite we know that caring for a young family is a full time job. Between feeding, dressing and cleaning the kids, it's a wonder that mums find time for the household chores, like laundry and washing up. So how can mums be expected to earn money if they don't employ help or use a full time childcare service?

Working from home jobs can be the best solution. Unfortunately in these tough times, mums have little choice but to look for ways to bring in an income. Because of their flexible hours, work from home jobs can do just that.

Jobs like freelance writing, graphic design and consultancy roles often require some experience and expertise in the area. However, other positions won't require any experience. For one, how about buying goods wholesale online and then selling them on eBay? This is a good choice for busy mums because although it does require time to order and list products, post them off and optimise your sales technique, you won't have to spend much time once you get your campaigns up and running. And it can be a nice little earner! When working with eBay and wholesale, we advise you start small and build your way up.

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