Working from home in Devon

If you're out of work and getting frustrated by a fruitless job search, perhaps you should consider working from home in Devon.

Work from home jobs have a major advantage in tough times: you can find work right across the globe. At the minute, the economy in Devon is still recovering from the recession, and unemployment is high (and likely to get worse before it gets better). However, this isn't the situation everywhere. You're probably aware that countries like China, India and Brazil have rapidly expanding workforces, and a huge demand for both skilled and unskilled labour to support this growth.

Now, we're not suggesting that you emigrate to find work. What we're saying is that, if you can work from home, you can usually do it from anywhere. This means that you don't have to limit your job search to Devon - you can look for opportunities right across the world.

We know that work from home jobs aren't for everyone. Some people may not have the self discipline required to focus on their work while faced with all the distractions of being at home. Other people may hate the idea of being isolated without any co-workers to chat to. However, even if you can't see yourself in a work from home position in the long term, they can be a great stepping stone while you are looking for other work. They can also provide a much needed source of income.

So check out different national and international job search sites - you could be surprised by the number of opportunities you come across.

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