Make a difference with working from home charity telephone jobs

Working from home charity telephone jobs represent a great opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. Sometimes it seems like one person can't be a force for good on their own - but here is an example of a person not only being able to help others, but doing it without even leaving their homes!

Charity telephone jobs are particularly suited to working from home because of their personal nature. You'll often be offering counselling to distraught or troubled callers, and it can be hard to concentrate on delivering this in a crowded control centre room. Telecommuting can give you the space you need to focus 100 per cent on the caller.

Not all charity telephone jobs involve talking directly to people in need. In fact, the majority are involved in fundraising activities. These can range from cold calling to taking pledges on phone in shows.

Many charities also have customer helplines, for donaters who are seeking information about where there money is going or how to change their direct debit.

As with all jobs for charities, many of these positions are unpaid. It's often volunteers that man helpdesks, while fundraisers are usually paid employees.

Paid positions on a work from home basis are extremely competitive. You'll usually require at least two years of experience in a call centre environment, demonstrable success as a fundraiser, a strong sales technique, excellent phone manner and great customer service. Previous experience of working in a charity phone job role is highly desirable, although rarely necessary.

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