Working from home and feeling isolated?

While many people think that working from home is an incredible opportunity, they often overlook the fact that you'll probably spending many hours alone in front of the computer. You may not see another person all day. Here are some tips to help ease the feeling of isolation...

  • Sign up to freelance forums and community sites. These will allow you to take part in work related discussions, get tips and advice from other people in your situation, share your concerns, ask for help, plus receive a network of support.
  • Remember to take a lunch break - and use it. The majority of people who work for themselves from home don't take a proper lunch break. This is not only detrimental to your emotional state, but can be detrimental to your work too. If you live near in a town or city, see if there are any lunch time exercise lasses on - these will get you out of the house and leave you feeling positive and healthy. Alternatively, why not arrange to meet some friends?
  • Make a clear division between your work life and your personal life. Its a good idea to set rigid working hours for yourself - for example, 9 - 5. Outside of these hours is your time to socialise and enjoy yourself. Don't let your work drag into your down time and leave you felling worried or stressed - it can probably be dealt with in the morning.
  • If you love working from home but hate feeling lonely, consider jobs like online tutoring or home based telesales.


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