Working at home jobs UK: are you qualified?

Working at home jobs in the UK often sound too good to be true. In fact, some of them are, so when you're applying for vacancies, be on the lookout for fraudsters and scam artists. However, there are thousands of genuine working from home vacancies. Many of them require specific qualifications related to their industry, but the majority will ask for the following qualifications...

Experience: Remember that experience can be a qualification in itself. If you want to work from home, you probably will need to be an expert in your field. The majority of employers advertising work from home vacancies will ask for at least two years of relevant work experience.

IT savvy: Most work from home jobs are now centred around working online. Employers want candidates who have excellent computer skills and superior knowledge of the internet. You should be able to conduct independent research online and be familiar with all major software packages. You should also know how to solve basic errors and connectivity issues - employers want to know that they won't lose productivity because of minor technical problems.

Third level qualification: Unfortunately the majority of work from home employers only hire staff who are degree educated. If you aren't a graduate, don't despair - there are still a limited number of options open to you.

Communication skills: When working at home, it's essential that you can communicate your progress and any problems you are having to your work mates. You'll need excellent written and oral communication skills.

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