Working at home on the computer

Working at home on the computer is a great solution for anyone who wants to earn some extra money without sacrificing other commitments, like a full time job or a degree course.

What types of jobs are available working from home at the computer?

You can find computer based home jobs in literally hundreds of different industries. Of these, most vacancies exist in areas like freelance writing, virtual assistant jobs, home based travel advisor roles, graphic design jobs and data entry jobs.

How much money can I earn working from home on the computer?

This, of course, depends on the job that you will be doing and the number of hours that you work, but in general, you can expect to earn around the same wages that you might get if working in a similar role in an office. For example, home based data entry jobs can pay around £5.98 per hour, while freelance writers typically make around £7.23 per hour.

If I work from home on the computer, will I be employed or self employed?

You could be either. Some companies hire telecommuters who can work from home but still be counted as employees. This means that they will normally be entitled to benefits such as paid holidays and a retirement plan. However, the majority of people who work from home do so on a freelance, self employed basis. They will not be entitled to these kind of benefits, but they do have the freedom to set their own rates and hours.

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