We take a look at some potential officer worker jobs in London

If you're out of work and looking for something in the clerical or administrative sector then you've no doubt come up against the incredibly high levels of competition that can be found on the various internet job sites across the United Kingdom.

In better financial times, these sites were a joy to use, and you could be sure of an acknowledgement of your application at the very least more often than not. These days however things are very different. You can spend weeks applying for dozens of jobs and never hearing a single thing back. This does absolutely nothing for your confidence which can have a negative effect on your ongoing job search.

Rather than putting yourself through all that hardship, why not take a look at some of the alternatives available out there instead? In particular, we recommend you check out some of the great recruitment agencies who can help you find officer worker jobs in London in no time at all.

With countless years of experience and plenty of knowledge about the local London job market, a good recruitment agency can make your life an awful lot easier. The application process is as straightforward as they come, often just requiring you to fill out a short for outlining your qualifications, previous experience and the kind of work you're seeking, and they are a joy to deal with.

To help you in your search for officer worker jobs in London, we have compiled a helpful guide to some of our recommended recruitment agencies;

  • Abbey Recruitment, 18 James Street
  • Angela Mortimer Recruitment, 37-38 Golden Square
  • Tate Recruitment, 7 Hanover Square
  • Office Angels, 71-75 Buckingham Palace Road


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