Get yourself some exciting work at UK festivals in 2013

For students looking to supplement course fees, or indeed anyone seeking seasonal temporary employment, Britain's music festivals offer diverse vacancies. As the number of festivals grow every year, and existing ones expand, work at UK festivals in 2013 offer excellent opportunities for responsible employees. The added bonus is that you get to see some brilliant international artists - for free!

Tracking down fantastic 2013 festival jobs

Types of festival work

The availability of work at UK festivals 2013 depends on several factors. Larger festivals, such as T in the Park or Cremefields, will employ miniature armies of staff to cope with the audience demands. The former attracts upwards of 80,000 festival goers from all over the world. You might like to apply for the position of gate steward, or ticket rippers. The work here will be intense, as you deal with the thousands congregating on the entrances, many of whom may arrive ticketless, or with forgeries. Information point stewards will give out a variety of details on everyaspect of the festival, from band line-ups to the location of key amenities. Camper stewards will assist with marshalling vehicles in the vast car parks, to showing visitors where to erect tents.

Where to start looking for festival jobs

Seasonal festival work can best be searched for online. Festaff.co.uk is one site that advertises job openings, covering a diverserange of these festival jobs. Here you can sift through a range of vacancies, depending on your preferred geographic location - or even musical genre! The information you'll need to have on hand include your National Insurancenumber, and a recent passport-sized photograph. There is also a standard joining fee per festival of £25.

Payment for festival jobs

Festivals are extremely sociable occasions, and the recruitment sites recognise that friends might wish to apply as a group. One thing you need to be aware of is the fact that no-one ever earns a fortune working in festivals. Expect to earn around the minimum wage. The good news about work at UK festivals in 2013 is that you'll also get a weekend pass.

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