Tips for those who work online from home in the UK

work online from home uk

If you work online from home in the UK, you face a unique set of challenges daily. Although you're probably the envy of all your office-bound friends, telecommuters don't get an easy ride. Here are a few useful bits of advices for people who work from home:

  • Productivity is a buzz word from telecommuters. If your company has allowed you to work from home, they're probably keen to track your productivity. If you work for yourself, the more productive you are, the more money you'll earn. Increase your productivity by designating a specific room or area in your home for working hours. This will minimise distractions and help define boundaries between your working life and your personal life.
  • Stay organised by using a daily planner. Prioritise your tasks and reward yourself for meeting goals (such as a tea break once you've completed a report). Identify any tasks that you're having difficulty completing in the designated time slots. Perhaps you could perform these better at different times of the day? For example, try shifting a hard task to first thing in the morning, and leave the easy work (like replying to emails) for after lunch.
  • Keep in close contact with the office. Telecommuters can be easily overlooked and passed over for promotion. Make sure that your boss and colleagues know the good work that you're doing and the results that you're achieving.
  • Be honest. Some people equate working from home with skiving -and in some cases, they're correct. If you work hard and stay focused, you'll be rewarded with better opportunities.

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