Looking to Work at Liverpool Airport?

Liverpool airport has expanded in recent years to become a busy airport servicing the north west of England. In 2012 more than 4 million passengers travelled through John Lennon airport making it the 10th busiest in the UK. We have researched some ways to find work at Liverpool airport for you.

A Variety of Jobs

So what kind of work is available at Liverpool airport? The answer to this is more or less anything you can think of. You can find paid employment at the airport in fields such as Administration, Air Traffic Control, Bird Control, Business Development, Car Parks Operations, Corporate Affairs Development, Facilities, Engineering, Motor Transport, Environment, Finance, Fire Station, Emergency Services, Airfield Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology and Terminal Services.

If you are interested in what jobs might be on offer to you at John Lennon International airport then you can view the latest positions at the airports dedicated jobs page at www.liverpoolairport.com/jobs.html. This page is regularly updated as soon as positions arise so it is best to keep an eye out on a regular basis for any new openings.

In addition to advertising jobs on the airport website, new openings are also advertised in local newspapers arond Liverpool. Local job centres in Liverpool also are used to advertise new jobs. It is a good idea to also keep an eye on the Liverpool airport Twitter page at@LPL_Airport for job news. It is the airport's policy not to hold applicant information on file so every new job that is posted represents a fair crack at landing that job. Application forms are then posted to all those that apply within the advertisement time frame.

Additional Information

There is additional information on the airport website about taking up work as Liverpool airport. The most important thing to note is that all employees working in Restricted Zones in the airport must first undergo a Criminal Record Check. Successful applicants will not have to pay a penny toward this however as the airport will foot the bill. All other application specific information is available at www.liverpoolairport.com/jobs.html.

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