Work the late shift with night jobs!

Many people choose to work in night jobs, for a variety of reasons. Here we provide a list of seven common jobs that involve night shifts...

Hotel night manager

One of the commonest night jobs is managing hotels from, typically, 11pm until 7am. Managers are responsible for guest security and balancing customer accounts.

Registed nurse

Night duties include similar aspects as daytime, from medical care to pharmaceutical needs, but are undertaken at a time when some patients are particularly vulnerable.

Hospital porter

While hospital patients are recuperating, work continues in the background in a variety of areas. New arrivals can come at any time. Beds and hospital apparatus have to be rearranged accordingly.

Taxi driver

Drivers are always needed for night shifts. Customers have to be ferried from airport to hotel at any time. Revellers rely on taxis long after the public buses have stopped.


Warehouses continue to operate long after the sun has gone done. Particularly in the food industry, where ingredients must be fresh, goods need to be processed constantly.

Night nanny

Nannies are sometimes needed for night work. This could take place in hospitals or homes where kids require specialised care for many reasons.

Night attendant

These positions will be offered in hostels or community centres. Although they won’t require as much experience as hotel night managers, they still offer a lot of responsibility. The attendant will look after the general security of the hostel and its occupants, and checking in late arrivals.

Other common industries that take on night workers in the UK inlcude call centres, public transport and road contruction.


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