Want to work in Italy in 2011?

If you are considering finding work in Italy in 2011, it's important that you use a reputable employer. Many work abroad schemes promise much but deliver very little. In order to ensure that what you see is what you get (including everything from contract length, salary, days off and any arranged accommodation), check out the company's website and also look for third party reviews on other sites.

Taking a step back, what kind of work is available? Assuming that you aren't fluent in Italian (although we recommend taking some lessons before you go so you can at least carry basic conversations), here are some of the top opportunities:

  • Teaching English is one of the most popular jobs in Italy for foreigners. If English is your native tongue, it should be possible to find work - although most employers also ask for third level qualification and a TEFL certificate. Larger companies may also want CELTA or TESOL.
  • If you're outgoing with great customer service skills, consider jobs as a tour guide or rep. Many of the Italian resort towns (including the beautiful Lake Garda and Lake Como) have openings for English speaking staff. Fluent Italian isn't usually necessary, although some language skills would be highly desirable.
  • It you only care about living and working in Italy and don't care what job you'll be doing, you could pick up some casual work in cleaning, dish washing, fruit picking or as a kitchen porter. Hours may be unsocial and pay may be low, but you won't require any Italian language ability.

Good luck with your work in Italy in 2011!

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