Employment laws regarding work in Ireland

Employment and Labour Laws in Ireland

Per the Terms of Employment Information Act, all employers must provide employees with a written contract when they work in Ireland. This contract must cover:

  • Job duties
  • Date of hire
  • Salary information
  • Number of work hours per day or week
  • Job location

The contract details benefits such as sick pay, vacations, pensions and other perks. The contract must also state issues that can lead to your dismissal.

Prevention and Resolution of Bullying in Work

In 2007, a labour law protecting workers against bullying came into effect. This law claims that employers must protect their employees' welfare while at work. All employers must create and follow a strict anti-bullying policy. If someone is intimidated or harassed at work, employers may be liable if they did not take action to stop harassing or intimidating behaviour.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Laws protect new mothers from dismissal if they choose to take extended leave during or after pregnancy. The laws provide up to 16 weeks unpaid leave providing the employee informs the employer at least four weeks in advance of the day she plans to return to work following childbirth.

New fathers do not have any protections under this law. Employers may be willing to work something out with new fathers, but paternity laws do not current exist at the time of this writing.

Employment for Citizens from Other Countries

If you are new to Ireland, check with your consulate or the Irish embassy about the requirement for an Irish visa. The visa allows you to remain in the country but does not guarantee you a right to work in Ireland.

Employment permits are required for most newcomers. The only people exempt from the need for an employment permit are those granted refugee status, those who have married an Irish citizen, postgraduate students and citizens of Switzerland or EEA member states, with the exclusion of Bulgaria and Romania. Call +353 1 417 5333 or visit djei.ie/labour/workpermits/index.htm to learn about applying for a permit to work in Ireland.

Visit your local Citizens Information Centre (centres.citizensinformation.ie) to learn more about labour laws or how to find work in Ireland.


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