The truth about work from home jobs folding envelopes

The truth about work from home jobs folding envelopes is that it's a heartless scam. Here we speak to Emily (54), who recently fell victim to this scam.

Hi Emily. Please tell us how you heard about the envelope folding job.

I saw an advert up in my local supermarket. I remember that, back in the 50s, my mother used to fold envelopes from home. She was never paid very well but it was a bit of extra income for the family. I thought I could do the same - even a couple of pound an hour would have helped me out.

What happened when you contacted the advertiser?

He was so nice, and that's what upset me most in the end - he was so nice even though he knew he was conning me. No shame. Anyway, he told me that I could buy a starter pack for £45, and after that I could earn up to £1 per envelope I stuffed. I suppose looking back on it, that seems ridiculous, considering a machine could do it for a few pence.

Did you receive the starter pack?

I received a pack alright, but it definitely wasn't about envelope stuffing. It said that I should forward the job advert to as many people as I could and then keep their sign up fees. I was appalled. I'd never do that - I'd much rather accept the fact that I'd lost my money than try to con people out of theirs. No matter how it was described, I could see it was a pyramid scheme.

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