Find work from home typing jobs with no fee

If you are looking for work from home typing jobs with no fee, you could be in luck. We have taken a look at the best and worst places to find these jobs. Let's start with the places not to look...

Worst places to find a typing job from home

  • Ignore any obtrusive advertising - for example, pop up windows while you're browsing the internet. Genuine employers won't have to resort to such dramatic measures to find staff.
  • Steer clear of junk email and junk mail that promises typing jobs form home. As with online pop ups, real employers don't have to resort to these techniques for finding staff.

Best places to find a tying job from home

  • Major job search sites, such as Total Jobs, Monster, Fish 4 Jobs and Job is Jobs, usually have strict vetting procedures so that only genuine jobs are listed on their sites. These sites aren't specifically catered to work from home jobs, but vacancies can be located by searching for work from home jobs or by selecting and browsing work from home categories.
  • Gumtree can be an excellent resource when looking for work from home jobs. However, do be cautious when looking on Gumtree - almost anyone can advertise a vacancy here, and although there are some vetting procedures in place, some scams do slip through the net.
  • Forum sites and freelance communities are a great way to find out about companies that hire typing jobs, the kind of work that is available and the rates that they pay.


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