Find work from home as a travel agent

If you would like to work from home as a travel agent, there are immense possibilities out there provided you know where to look. We explain important pointers so you will learn where to get the best leads in the travel industry. Enjoy the convenience of working from home without the hassles of a regular office job.

Job hunting tips

Working from home has advantages such as avoiding commutes and flexible hours. However, it is not always easy to find home-based jobs. Below are some important tips to help you find work from home as a travel agent.

  • Look at online job portals

Browse at job portals to find out what is available in the labour market. There are many sites out there that provide a list of openings as travel consultants. Jobs Travel Weekly (jobs.travelweekly.co.uk) is one such site. Currently, there are vacancies for 'home working travel consultant' and 'travel sales homeworkers.' You can also work as a business travel consultant. Other sites that regularly scour the net for interesting openings include Indeed (indeed.co.uk), Hays Travel (haystravel.org), and Co-operative (co-operative.co.uk).

  • Sign up for Google alerts

Another way to find home-based travel agent positions is through Google alerts. As the world's biggest search engine, Google skims through thousands of pages each day for all sorts of jobs. Make sure you enter vital keywords and an email will be sent to you once a match appears on your job query.

  • Join work from home communities and forums

There are also several forums which you can join. Connect with other people looking for the same type of job. Some require registration for you to view discussions, but there are several which do not need one. Examples are Warrior Forum and Work at Home Moms (WAHM).

Sell your work experience

Marketing yourself aggressively on the internet or through print media is another way to land work from home as a travel agent. You can use free sites to make a page about yourself including your qualifications and experience. Post ads on Craigslist and Gumtree offering your talents and services to increase your chances of landing a job. Use print media (dailies and newsletters) to advertise your services.

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