How to find work from home permanent vacancies

Work from home jobs can represent a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. Most of them are available on freelance or casual basis, which is perfect if your looking for a flexible role that you can fit around your other commitments.

But what if you want work from home permanent vacancies? Well, things get a little more difficult. Considering the number of companies that now welcome telecommuters, it's surprising how few of these jobs are permanent.

In today's economic climate, few companies want to commit to long term contracts with new staff. If things don't go according to plan, the company has to make savings or the employee under-performs, the company would prefer to cut it's losses and get rid of that employee. This might sound harsh, but it's the reality - and companies risk a lot less with casual staff (no redundancy payments, no risk of unfair dismissal etc).

Finding permanent vacancies is particularly difficult if you're based in a different location to the company. No matter how good the quality of your work, the hiring manager will still be reluctant to commit permanently to someone that they have never met.

There are two main routes to finding permanent work from home vacancies:

  1. Consider whether you could turn your regular, office based job into a telecommuting one. If you would be able to perform all your responsibilities from home, the HR department might consider a request.
  2. Start working for a company on a casual basis and build a reputation for excellence. When a permanent vacancy arises, you want to be the name on their minds.

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