Work from home making items - exercise caution

Work from home jobs making items may seem like a great way to earn money. But many of these vacancies actually turn out to be scams. Here is what many unfortunate victims experience:

  • An ad - be it an online advert or a flyer posted through your door - offers a home working opportunity in manufacturing. The details may very, but generally the work is described as being very straightforward - such as putting laces in shoes.
  • The applicant applies for the vacancy. The scam artists does their best to convince them that they are a genuine company. This may involve a fake phone interview followed by a "job offer".
  • The applicant receives instructions on how to commence work. An upfront fee will be required before the process can be continued. This may be described as a joining fee, sign up fee, postage cost, or payment for a starter kit or component parts.
  • The applicant pays the fee, usually a minimum of £50.
  • Quite often, the applicant hears nothing further from the scammer - they simply take the fees and disappear.
  • Alternatively, the applicant receives a starter pack, but it doesn't contain the manufacturing instructions as the applicant had been expecting. Instead it contains details on how to continue the scam. This is by recruiting more members and collecting their sign up fees - in other words, a pyramid scheme.
  • Occasionally, applicants may receive component parts to start manufacturing. However, once the work has been completed, the scammer refuses to purchase the products as he/she had agreed. The applicant is left out of pocket and with useless products that they can't sell.


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