Beware of work from home scams filling envelopes

Think you can earn money with work from home jobs filling envelopes? Think again. These are illegal scams to cheat you out of your hard earned money. Here is how it works...

  1. The scammer will ask you for a sign up fee, or money for an "information pack" or "starter pack". This is usually about £30. They state that once you pay this, you'll have everything you need to start stuffing envelopes
  2. Needless to say, you'll often never hear from them - or your money - again
  3. If you do get the pack, it won't be the introduction to envelope stuffing that you'll have been expecting. Instead it will describe a form of modern day pyramid scheme
  4. It will ask you to forward the job advert to your friends and relatives. Once they give you their fee, you send them the instructions that you have just received
  5. They are then supposed to forward the advert to their friends and relatives

So what happens to the fee? The scammer will usually keep the 90 per cent of the fees that they take in, and pass 10% back to the person that scammed them. Of course, nothing is ever produced or traded, nothing is bought or sold, and almost everyone involved in the scheme loses money.

This is a truly horrible scam that prays on people's desires to make some honest money. Often the people that lose money are the people that need it most. If you fall victim to this scam, please report it - and never pass the advert on.

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