Work from home data entry jobs with no fee

When it comes to work from home data entry jobs, no fee is the only way to go. Here are some questions and answers to help focus your search.

What do data entry jobs from home involve?

It does depend on the role, but most data entry jobs from home involve sorting raw data into a usable format. A company will supply you with the data, and you'll log on to whatever system they're using to store it and fill in the correct fields.

What do you mean by "fee"?

This is a question that you should ask any employer who tries to charge one! The idea of paying a fee to work seems ludicrous to us, and we encourage you to avoid any companies that ask for one (unless it's for genuine expenses, like software if you're freelance). Unfortunately many of the work from home jobs that are advertised online turn out to be scams. They'll take your fee and you'll never hear from them again. Be very cautious and always research the company before accepting a position.

Ok, so how do I find jobs without a fee?

Major job search sites, like Monster (monster.co.uk), Total Jobs (totaljobs.com), Reed (reed.co.uk) and Job is Job (jobisjob.co.uk) are a good place to start. Job adverts usually pass through a vetting procedure before being published.

How will I be paid?

Data entry jobs from home tend to be paid per data entered. However some employers may pay by the hour.

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