How yo find work from home as a customer service agent

If you are people-oriented, then you might consider work from home in customer service positions. There are many options for anyone out there who wants to stay at home while earning a decent income. Whether you were laid off or are actively seeking a career change, then this is a great opportunity to do what you love while earning some cash.

Duties and responsibilities

A highly functioning customer service is essential in any business offering goods or services. Customers will make calls for various reasons such as verifying a purchase, complaining about a malfunctioning product or poor service, you’ll find that work from home in customer service is a rewarding experience.


Here is a list of functions of people who work in the customer service area:

  • The primary duty of a customer service rep is to answer inbound calls.
  • Customers will call for many reasons such as product information, return or warranties.
  • Complaints are going to be addressed and you will make sure that the issues are resolved for the customer.

Call centre companies that hire customer service reps require the following:

  • Computer or laptop
  • High speed internet
  • Quiet environment
  • Headset
  • Landline


To be considered for the position of a customer service agent, having a pleasant voice and solid customer service skills are considered assets.

How it works

All calls are normally done over the internet which is why it is important to have a high speed internet. In addition, it is imperative to be in a quiet environment so you can interact with customers efficiently. You can’t have screaming kids when you are trying to pacify an irate customer. To accomplish your tasks effectively, a headset is essential so you can concentrate on your tasks.

Where to find virtual customer service rep jobs

Job portals advertise work from home customer service positions. These include Indeed UK (indeed.co.uk), Job is Job (jobisjob.co.uk), Reed (reed.co.uk) and Gumtree (gumtree.com). Take note there are also seasonal jobs as a virtual customer service rep. During holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the demand for virtual customer service agents peaks. The salary of a customer service rep varies, but you can expect to receive £13 per hour. You might even be entitled to a benefit package depending on the company you are working for and whether you are working full or part-time.

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