Work for free

New research by cosmetic firm Avon suggests that millions of young Britons are prepared to work for free for up to six months in order to get ahead in the job market.

Its study found that 36% of Britons aged 16 to 24 would take on unpaid work if they thought it would be to their advantage.

With more and more graduates enrolled in higher education each year, firms are looking to only hire the cream of the crop, and this requirement to stand out from the crowd is pushing youngsters to take desperate measures.

Angela Tucker, sales director at Avon UK, believes starting up your own Avon franchise can provide income as well as giving valuable work experience. She says: ‘Running your own Avon business is a great way to gain valuable experience whilst also helping to minimise the costs associated with being a student or working for free.’

So if you do decide to go down that road there are ways of getting past the lack of money obstacle. Or if you don’t fancy flogging beauty products, you could always turn to telemarketing, obsessively answering online questionnaires or working in a pub.

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