How to do a work experience search

What is work experience?

Work experience placements are usually unpaid placements in an existing business or organisation and give you the chance to experience life in that business, office, firm or industry. Most people complete a work experience placement during their secondary school years but work experience becomes most important during college or university years, and when trying to secure work in later life.

Step One: Think About Your Goals

Thinking about your goals is key to figuring out the best place to do a work experience search. Brainstorm the type of work you want to and make notes about any firms you would like to apply for.

Step Two: Compile Your "Promotion Pack"

View your work experience search as an opportunity to hone your skills in presenting yourself. If you are searching for the top jobs, you need to put in maximum efforts to ensure that when you get the opportunity to do work experience, you will be able to successfully show off your best characteristics and talents. Make a CV, draft covering letters and prepare portfolios if you are in creative industries such as modelling, photography or writing. Once you have a pack, identify the best avenues to show these off so that you know how to search for work experience e.g. sending out a large portfolio to many firms may be expensive but going around individually to see bosses may be more fruitful.

Step Three: Do Comprehensive Searches

Once you have all of your information together, get into the habit of searching regularly. Check websites and forums as well as noticeboards and newspapers. Some of the best placements are not advertised in traditional places so keep an eye out wherever you go.

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