How to get work experience in the fashion industry

Working in the fashion industry is highly competitive. So much so that many people, who want a career in the industry, try to get work experience in fashion before they look for a permanent job. If you'd like to get a job in the fashion industry or are going to university to get a fashion degree, why not get some work experience first? It can only help.

Fashion Internships Abroad with Global Experiences (globalexperiences.com/internships/fashion_internships.php) - One of the best ways to get invaluable experience in the fashion industry is by taking an internship at a fashion house or company.

Global Experiences offers internships in Paris, Milan, Sydney, London and several other major cities.You can get experience in fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion photography and, if you'd like to be a model, even in the world of modelling.

Internships are not cheap, in fact get set to spend up to $9,000 (£5,730) on a 12-week internship - although it does include housing - but, with the contacts you'll make and the things you'll learn, a fashion internship like this could lead to exciting opportunities in the fashion world.

uk.fashionjobs.com - One of the best job boards in the UK for anyone trying to get fashion experience, UK Fashion Jobs has listings for hundreds of temporary and freelance jobs, as well as internships - all perfect for someone wanting to learn about the fashion industry.

Look at listings for runway intern, merchandising intern, retail junior intern and beauty products intern. You'll find hundreds of jobs that require little or no experience and, while the pay may be low, the experience you'll get will be invaluable.

fashionpersonnel.co.uk - Fashion Personnel is another online job board and recruiting agency that specialises in the fashion industry. They cover merchandising, design, buying, marketing and PR, and retail jobs and a lot more besides.

Look for assistant positions or temporary positions, as those are usually the ones where they'll accept someone with little or no fashion experience as long as you're willing to learn.

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