How to find your work experience for year 10

Work experience for Year 10 is something that every high school student will have to do. There are a number of benefits to it but it is often a stressful time. Some students will know years in advance where they want to do their work experience but others will have no idea. Here are a few tips to follow when looking for a placement.

What do you want to be?

Not everyone knows this, but most have an idea. Some want to be a journalist while others want to be a mechanic. This is a great time to find out more about the role that you think you want to do – and find out whether you really do want to do it. This is also a time for people to find out what they definitely do not want to do or be when they grow up.

What do you enjoy?

If you don’t know what you want to do, think about what you enjoy doing. This is a great way to enjoy the work experience for Year 10. If you love music, find a role that will involve that. If you love playing sport, then find somewhere to do that. There are lots of opportunities available.

Apply early

Closing dates for work experience for Year 10 are usually early in the school year. You need to get your application in on time to be accepted. Getting it in early will make you seem fully interested in the role and great with time management – something that the employers will want.

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