Find yourself work experience for medical receptionist jobs

Given the fact that the job market is as competitive as it has ever been right now, your previous work experience might just be the difference between getting the job of your dreams and settling for something you don't see a future for yourself in. Obviously none of us want the latter, but is it possible that it might prove to be a stepping stone onto bigger and better things for you? We examine some possibilities...

If you have ever tried for a medical receptionist job, you'll no doubt have been told that you need at least three years worth of traditional receptionist experience before you will even be considered for the role. While this is a reasonable request, it does make it quite difficult for anyone to get into the medical receptionist job these days.

So how exactly does one go about finding the work experience necessary for medical receptionist jobs? Quite easily actually, if you don't mind using a back door system of sorts. With jobs at a premium, finding something that you know you're going to have in three years time is quite an ask, so rather than wasting months at a time searching, why not just go to a recruitment agency and get yourself placed as a trainee receptionist.

There are countless businesses out there right now crying for this kind of worker, since it costs them much less than a more experienced receptionist, while still ensuring that they have enough bodies on the staff to function smoothly. And since you're hired from an agency you present no risk to the company at all, if you don't work out they can simply send you back and request a different worker.

If this sounds like the solution to all your problems, we recommend you check out some of the following recruitment agencies with whom you can expect to earn from £8.04 to £17.34 per hour for your work as a receptionist. office-angels.com, adecco.co.uk, hays.com and agencycentral.co.uk.

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