Colleges offering a work experience degree

Are you looking to improve your career prospects by taking on a degree in your chosen field? With employers placing a greater emphasis than ever before on staff having work experience, we highly recommend checking out a work experience degree, as this will allow you to combine the best of both worlds, getting your degree while also getting valuable work experience. In this blog, we endeavour to show you the best places to undertake a work experience degree.

With the proliferation of technical colleges and universities around the UK, there is plenty of choice when it comes to taking on a degree programme that offers a bit of work experience. One such college that is offering a fantastic work experience degree programme is the European Business School in London, and you can check out their site at ebslondon.ac.uk and view their full range of degree programmes and choices.

This college insists that all students on their degree programmes are required to work a minimum of 36 weeks of work experience during their summer and winter holidays over the course of their degree. These internships can be carried out all around the world, and in the language of your choice, so you aren't just limited to UK employers. It is a fantastic option, and you can make use of the college's unique "Career Planner" programme, that helps you develop your personal career strategy through their careers and business relations centre.

It is a college well worth checking out, and we can't recommend it enough!

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