Work at home with call centre jobs!

Call centre jobs can be tough. You're cooped up in tiny cubicles, surrounded by miserable co-workers, with your boss breathing down your neck about targets and a customer ranting down the phone about how your company has let them down. In this environment, it's no surprise that call centres have such a high staff turnover rate. And it's no surprise that staff find it hard to perform the role to the best of their abilities.

Now picture this: you're at your desk at home, working at your own pace to meet your targets. The irate customer is still there but you find it much easier to deal with them now that you've got some breathing space and are feeling relaxed. The result - happy call operator, happy customer. It's no surprise then, that many telesales and customer service departments are now allowing their staff to telecommute.

If you have experience in either of these areas, you should check out call centre work from home in the UK. Work at home call centre jobs operate in much the same way as office based call centre jobs: you are given a rota (for larger companies, this is often shift work), and you log on to your computer and the telephone system during working hours. The employer will supply you with computer equipment, a telephone and headset, plus all the software you need to log the calls and deal with the customers.

Expect an hourly wage of between £6.50 and £10 for work at home call centre jobs, depending on the industry and the level of expertise required.


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