Work at home jobs in the UK with no upfront fees

You may have heard horror stories about people forking up large upfront fees for work from home jobs, only to find out that the vacancies were bogus and that their money was gone. You may have even been delighted to receive a work from home job offer, only to realise that the "employer" was demanding a substantial initial investment or sign up fee.

When it comes to work at home jobs in the UK, no upfront fees is the only way to go.

Although we can't say for sure that all companies requiring an upfront fee from their employees are involved in scams, the practice does seem highly suspicious. After all, a real job should pay you, not the other way around!

Many of the work from home jobs that we see advertised on online job sites and work from home forums actually turn out to be pyramid schemes, that have been re-branded and repackaged for the twenty first century. This fact will be cleverly disguised under the guise that you'll be doing some work in exchange for the money. But if the employer demands upfront fees or the job involves recruiting more staff, give it a wide berth.

So just what kind of work from home jobs can you find in the UK that don't require upfront fees? Here is a small taster...

  • Freelance writing jobs from home
  • Web page design jobs from home
  • Making and selling gift baskets
  • Bookkeeping jobs from home
  • Telesales jobs from home
  • Admin work from home

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