Work at home jobs: start your own business

When you decide to find work at home jobs, you’re embarking on a potentially rewarding enterprise. Here are our top tips for starting a home business...

Business Plan

The first part of any work from home venture must be your business plan. This is where you write down your business outlines and goals. You’ll have to dwell on your marketing strategy and focus on financial risk.

Legal structure

At an early stage you’ll need to decide what format your home business will take. Are you setting up a relatively small business? The legal structure will depend on how you foresee your business developing and expanding.

Web presence

In this modern age a website is virtually a prerequisite for any business. This is how you’ll advertise your wares, and interact with clients. It’s important to get this right, as this will be the first impression that most visitors will get of your business.This is a particular technical skill in its own right, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The internet is positively brimming with web page templates and pro forma layouts. Web design software is now fairly easy to utilise, without requiring oodles of coding skills!


Regardless of your chosen topic, your home business will be entering a fiercely competitive market. You’ll need to spend time considering how to actually sell your products. Again, the web is a great place to glean information about marketing strategies. Slogans, taglines or catchphrases will really boost the impact or your home business.


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